Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Looooong time no see!

Ahem. Yes, I guess it's been a while since I've posted anything. I'm now officially a college graduate, in that I've got my diploma. I haven't actually opened it yet, but it's in the spare bedroom in its happy little "do not bend" envelope, waiting for me to get a frame and figure out somewhere prominent to put it so I can rub it in everyone's faces. Buwhahahaha! Okay, so that's not a good idea. It'll probably go in our bedroom, actually. That's where our marriage certificate is, so I guess the paper stuff belongs there. We're planning on making the spare bedroom (which hasn't actually been spared--it's kind of the office/junk room) into the baby's bedroom. Because I'm pregnant. Uh-yup. Pretty weird. So I'm supposed to be using all my spare time to clean out that room's closet, but who really wants to do that? And I've had to get a job. Ick. It's really hard for me to get up early, since I feel exhausted and nauseated, so we'll see how this whole 8 to 4:30 thing works out. I'll only have to keep those hours for two weeks, and then I'll probably go to part-time, just because I don't think I can handle sitting and typing in a room all day. Right now I spend lots of time on the computer, but that's different.
Napoleon congratulated me on getting the job. He said it's a confidence booster. I won't deny that it's nice not to get turned down. Job searching is hard enough; I hate when people write back and say, "Thanks for applying, but you didn't even make the first cut. Ha! Loser." Is that really necessary? All ya gotta say, really, is that you don't want me. That's all! But I suspect I'm somewhat overqualified for this job. It's data entry, after all, so if they had 10,000 monkeys and could convince them all to sit and type at a computer for 8 hours a day, they could supposedly ditch me and all the other semi-human people who work there. They sure didn't look very sociable. Makes me wonder if they have any office parties. I'd bet they'd be real bashes.