Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Is This?

Anyone know what this is?

Let's hear some guesses.

It is, in fact, the baby wipe with which I wiped Evie's face.

Why is it so colorful? What was she eating?




No. Magic Marker. Yes folks, she was sticking capless markers into her mouth and sucking on them. I found her with the brown. How many other colors do you see there?

Kids are SO gross.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Trip to Texas

In my continuing quest to escape the cold frozen wastes of Utah, we went to visit my sister and her family in Texas last month. Before we left, Amber warned us that the forecast was for "cold" weather--maybe even down to 40 degrees! We quivered in fear. Thankfully, the weather was extremely pleasant the whole time we were there, to me anyway. :) We took advantage of it and played at the beach in Galveston. Since it was the off season, the beach was nearly deserted, but still plenty warm enough for us all to enjoy ourselves.

We also visited the San Jacinto Monument, and the Battleship Texas.

One of my favorite parts was visiting the police horses to feed them carrots, apples, and peppermints. There was even a horse named Abby! I haven't spent a lot of time around horses, and I was surprised at how much personality they have.

My perception may have been skewed because I was sick, but I was disappointed in the Houston rodeo. The smaller rodeos I've been to here are more fun. I wish we'd arrived earlier and had more time at the livestock show before the event, but none of us were thrilled by the Clay Walker concert, which is what really filled the rodeo arena.

We also made it to the Houston Zoo, which is enormous. I really liked the interactive exhibits, like these drums, and we all had a good laugh about the "Feed the Giraffes" opportunity: I think it was $5 for 3 pieces of lettuce.
All the excursions while we were in Texas were lots of fun, but a lot of the time we just spent relaxing at Amber and Steven's house while the girls played together. Abby and Olivia liked playing together, anyway. It will be a few months yet before Evie and Carmen are ready to enjoy each other's company. It was a really great trip, and I'm glad we got to hang out with Amber and Steven again. I'd say Texas and the Houston area in particular are definitely on our list of places we could enjoy living in.