Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dropping the Ball, or Goodbye 2010

I think I'm obligated to write a wrap-up post, now that 2010 has ended. This year has brought a lot of changes, of course, but nothing especially drastic.

Evie has learned to crawl and then to walk. She is very strong-minded and determined, which I often find incredibly frustrating. My mother says this is because she's so much like me. She loves reading books, pulling the lids off markers, pouring liquid from one container to another, and taking baths. She loves to touch snow, but not to play in it. She always wants to learn how to do things herself. Evie and Abby are very fond of each other and can often be found jumping on Abby's bed together or cooperating in spreading their toys all over their room.

Abby has really enjoyed her dance class this year, and so have I. Less comprehensible to me has been her sudden love of all things princess-y. She now declines to wear pants any day of the week, insisting on dresses and skirts. I sometimes have to battle her to put on socks, tights, or leggings underneath, even when it is freezing cold outside. She loves to dance around the living room to "princess music" (we have divergent opinions on what that means) and has a very funny expression that she considers her "princess face." Abby was delighted to gain a new aunt this year when my younger brother married, and we have all enjoyed having Court and Lisa over.

I really got into knitting last year, finishing a sweater vest, three pairs of socks, a hand-holding mitten set, and various other small projects. I also, at the very close of the year, was introduced to spinning yarn on a spindle, and I'm looking forward to developing that skill this year. My other accomplishments included running a 5K, embracing the wave in my hair, lighting my first fireworks, and doing a ridiculous amount of reorganizing.

Regis has worked a lot this year. He has been promoted twice (He wouldn't call it that, but that's what it is.) and is learning a lot about managing employees, and business in general. He has enjoyed our vacations to Logan, California, Denver, and other places, and hopes the new year will hold more fun trips.

Here's to 2010.

Christmas 2010

Oh hey, look, it's a new year! So let me tell you about Christmas. It was definitely a good Christmas. We got to see Grandma and Grandpa, and were delighted to see Regis' brother's family who have been in Ecuador. We all got some great loot and had tons of fun playing a dance game on the Wii. (In case you're curious, I rocked everybody's socks. Multiple times.)

As you can see, Abby enjoyed her visit with Santa (although I was disgusted when he asked her if she wanted a Barbie for Christmas. Yes, I know, she's ubiquitous, but that's all the more reason to branch out, Santa. Abby doesn't even know who Barbie is, frankly). Evie declined to sit on his lap, but magnanimously accepted a candy cane.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. I'm grateful for all my family members, including my Savior, Jesus Christ.