Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Sweetest Thing

Did I mention we have a baby?
A sweet baby. A crawling baby. A baby that screams like a raptor when I take my keys away from her. Margo is an absolute darling and we love her like crazy. She started crawling at eight months and is loving it. She speeds towards me saying "Mamamamamama," pausing to look up at intervals, grin, and guffaw. She also pulls herself up to stand so she can grab and annihilate more things.
She hates purees. We tried feeding her rice cereal, apples, pears, bananas, peas, beans, squash, and she rejected them all. Being an observant child, she noticed that no one else was eating mush. She happily gnaws graham crackers, freeze dried yogurt puffs, frozen peas and carrots, banana chunks, and bits of chicken. This girl is determined to grow up too fast. Margo is my first child to grow out of clothing before the upper limit of its recommended age. I was bewailing the fact that she won't get to wear some of her cute cool weather outfits, and my sister responded something like, "You want sympathy for having a normal-sized baby? No."
 She loves the dog's water dish, the dog's toys, swinging, sitting in the grass, her sisters, rolling her tongue, and screeching. Everyone loves her eyebrows.

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The Looney Writer said...

Aaagh, no! I'm allergic to so much adorableness!