Sunday, January 13, 2013

Awkward Gospel Principles

Every night, we read a chapter out of our New Testament Reader for the girls' benefit. Abby is often curious about what the next night's story will be, and tonight was no exception. I told her, "Tomorrow we'll read about the ten virgins." Of course, she asked, "What's a virgin?"

Awkward pause, punctuated by Regis's snickering. What IS a virgin to a five year old? Thinking of the story, I replied, "A virgin is . . . a good woman."

Sweet Abby says, "Mommy, you're a virgin!" Well, honey, you are proof positive to the contrary, but . . . I quickly revised it to "A good woman who isn't married." Close enough, right?


The Looney Writer said...

Snort. Yeah, close enough.

Glenn E. said...

Actually, the Greek word "parthenos" in Matthew 25 can also be translated "a marriageable maiden." In fact, the Revised Standard Version uses the term "maiden" instead of "virgin." ( So I'd say it's more than close enough--it's right on! (As well as age-appropriate.)

Dulcie said...

HAHA!!! So funny!

lostworld_me said...

Used to be close enough I'd say. The world's going off in a whole other direction!