Monday, July 08, 2013

My Nest is Best!

After about eight years of waiting and whining, I have a house!

I should probably preface that by saying that Regis has an advanced degree, and a job, which is why we have a house, but really, who cares about such piddling details? Okay, okay, we're very proud of Regis for finishing his MBA and getting hired by P&G. So far he's really enjoying his job, despite feeling a bit overwhelmed by all he has to learn.

Back to the house. We lived in the same two-bedroom apartment for the first seven years, nearly eight, of our marriage. When we first moved in, we giggled about how empty it was: we'd both been living in student housing, so we had no furniture of our own. As soon as Abby came along, it started filling up fast. It's incredible how much stuff you accumulate over time, especially with kids. Add in my acquisitive propensities and my deep and abiding love for cooking gadgets, and you have one very full apartment. The movers even commented on our situation: very little furniture, but LOTS of boxes.

When Regis was interning with P&G last year, we spent a few days driving around to get a feel for neighborhoods, so we had a good idea of what areas we wanted to look in when we came this year for a house-hunting trip. There were four houses that made it to the final list, one of which was kept there solely on the merits of its kitchen. Ahhh, that kitchen. But there was one house that seemed to have it all, including a fenced backyard, a large kitchen, and that je ne sais quoi that made us think it would be a great house to come home to.

So now we're having fun changing up the backyard landscaping, painting rooms, and figuring out where to fit in all my kitchen gadgets.


Dulcie said...

Congratulations of the new house!!! I'd love to see pictures of it. Are you settling in well?

Dulcie said...

I meant 'on the new house'.... Haha. Oops.

Kristi said...

So glad you finally got a house, you deserve it!!!